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A/C Zero Leak Tool Starter Kit

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Tool Starter Kit for ComStar's A/C Zero Leak. The kit includes a bottle of A/C Zero Leak and a reusable injector tool that can also be used to inject oils and additives into A/C systems. It's fast and very easy. Leaks, large or small, can lead to big problems. Some air conditioning and refrigeration system leaks are no wider than a human hair (300 µm). But even the smallest leaks let refrigerant and oil escape into the atmosphere. As a result:

•The system must work harder, which uses more energy and shortens component life.

•The loss of refrigerant increases friction, wear and risk of equipment damage.

A big advantage of ComStar's AC Zero Leak is that it contains no polymer; this means, no clogs, no worries. Because AC Zero Leak is polymer-free, offering a distinct advantage over many competitive formulations, it will NOT form hard particulate when it comes in contact with moisture in a system. Polymer based products will cause this type of in system reactionthereby creating clogs or blockages. ComStar's AC Zero Leak can be used in automotive, commercial and residential AC applications. For commercial and residential A/C applications a 4 oz dosage (1 bottle) is good for up to a 12 ton system (2 oz or half bottle dosage for systems up to 6 ton). For larger systems over 12 ton use appropriate ratio of approximately 1 oz per every 6 tons over the original 12 tons. As an alternative way to estimate the dosage necessary, please refer to the product attachments that show dosage by the amount of refrigerant charge that a system holds. Key Benefits •Specially formulated to stop small leaks in evaporators and condensers as well as around gaskets and seals •Designed not to harm AC systems •Non-hardening, polymer-free •Compatible with POE-based, PAG-based and mineral-oilbased mobile AC lubricants •Can also be used for preventive maintenance and left in an operating system


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SDS Sheet SDS AC Zero Leak.pdf
Stock Number 90-701
Weight per item (lbs.) 3
Units per Carton 1
Hazardous DOT Non-Hazardous
Unit Volume 4 Ounces
UPC 2492490701
Flyers and Charts no_selection
Total Shipping Weight 3.0000
Weight per Carton (lbs.) 3


SERVICE PROCEDURES FOR ADDING COMSTAR’S A/C ZERO LEAK, A/C EASY PASS, OIL OR DYE INTO AN A/C SYSTEM FOR HVACR PROFESSIONALS THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE INTENDED FOR USE WITH THE MASTERCOOL QUICK CONNECT ON-LINE INJECTOR; MODEL 92376 The above injector can be used on R22, R410A AND 134A A/C systems with or without a manifold hose set and/or vacuum pump. Injection procedure without a manifold hose set and/or vacuum pump 1. With hose valve closed, secure hose-end to low side (suction side) fitting. 2. Once attached unscrew the cylinder cap and quickly open then close hose valve to purge the injector. 3. Add the required amount of the appropriate ComStar product(s) mentioned above, into the cylinder up to the bottom of the screw point and screw on cylinder cap. 4. Using a spare hose (from a manifold) attach one hose end to injector cap and the other hose end to the high side (discharge side) fitting. 5. “Slowly” open the valve on the injector hose allowing the product in the injector cylinder to flow into the system. This should take approximately 30 seconds then close valve. 6. If additional product is required to be injected unscrew the hose from the high side, unscrew injector cap, add the appropriate amount into the cylinder, screw on cap, attached hose to high side and slowly open the hose valve. NOTE: If using a vacuum pump follow above directions but attached the high side hose to the vacuum pump. Make sure all hoses are purged.


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Product PDFs

AC Zero Leak Dosage Bulletin.pdf AC Zero Leak Dosage Bulletin.pdf
Zero Leak Injector Instructions.pdf Zero Leak Injector Instructions.pdf
AC Zero Leak, 4 page Appl & Inst..pdf AC Zero Leak, 4 page Appl & Inst..pdf