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Boil A Coil, 5 Gallon Pail

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External Coil Cleaner For Hot Water Coils

Boil A Coil is a broad spectrum, alkaline-based formulation. It is designed to remove lime and scale, corrosion, grease and dirt from the exterior of pipes and boiler coils. Used at regular maintenance intervals, Boil A Coil is effective in controlling slime-forming micro-organisms as well as preventing lime and scale build-up. Boil A Coil can be used on all pipe materials: copper, iron, PVC, CPVC, stainless steel and steel.

  • Increases Water Temperature
  • Cleans Away Scale Build-Up
  • Used by Pros for over 40 years!
  • Water Soluble 
  • Safe will not generate fumes 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Non-toxic& Non-foaming
  • Non-staining & Non corrosive

Product Info

SDS Sheet Boil A Coil SDS
Stock Number 35-424
UPC 02492435424
Unit Volume 5 Gallon
Hazardous DOT Non-Hazardous
Hazardous Environmental No
Units per Carton 1
Weight per Carton (lbs.) 45
Weight per item (lbs.) 45
Type Powder
Total Shipping Weight 45.0000
Flyers and Charts no_selection


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