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Copper Lock, No Heat Solder, 10 Milliliter

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Copper Lock is a No heat, fast bonding solder for copper and brass pipe and fittings

  • Permanent leak proof bond rated up to 500 psi, temperature range -60°F to + 300°F. Good for all yellow metals, copper and brass pipe fittings.
  • Meets US Military Specs
  • Good with all refrigerants
  • Bonds Instantly, water systems can be pressure test in 2 minutes
  • A/C system, can be pressure tested in 25 minutes
  • Can be dissembled at 400°f heat and then reapplied.

Product Info

SDS Sheet Copper Lock SDS
Stock Number 10-801
UPC 024924108017
Hazardous DOT Non-Hazardous
Hazardous Environmental No
Units per Carton 12
Weight per Carton (lbs.) 1
Weight per item (lbs.) .1
Type Liquid
Total Shipping Weight 1.5000
Flyers and Charts no_selection


Using the 60 grit (medium) emery sanding cloth, sand the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe section to be inserted into the fitting.  This provides additional bonding surface.  

Apply a solid thin line of Copper Lock around the inside of the fitting.  If desired (but not necessary), you can also apply a thin solid line on the outside of the pipe.  This will allow an inspector to see that the pipe/fitting is bonded with Copper Lock.  For “spec” jobs, check with local inspector prior to using Copper Lock.

Insert the pipe into the fitting and twist ½ or more turn.  This assures that the Copper Lock is on the entire circumference of the pipe and fitting.  This is necessary to prevent leaks.

Do not allow the pipe/fitting to move, slip or rotate for at least 30 seconds and preferably for about 1 minute.  This time is necessary to allow the Copper Lock to react with the copper or brass and begin the reactive bonding process.

After two minutes, a water pressure test can be conducted to test for leaks.  For a test on an air conditioning system it is recommended to wait 60 minutes after application.

If a leak is detected, you can take the pipe/fitting apart by using a propane or MAPP gas torch to heat the fitting. This will release the Copper Lock allowing the pipe/fitting to be separated.  Clean the connections and follow the above 


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Copper Lock Flyer Copper Lock
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