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Frost Free - CI (100% Ethylene Glycol w/ Corrosion Inhibitor & Green Color), 5 Gallon

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Chiller Fluids, Anti Freeze & Heat Transfer Fluid. ComStar's ProFrost (Propylene Glycol) and Frost Free (Ethylene Glycol) are premium industrial coolants that can be ordered with/or without a color and with/or without a corrosion inhibitor package designed to prevent system corrosion and clog-up’s.  ComStar's ProFrost and Frost Free are commonly used in chillers, refrigeration systems, industrial processing systems, thermal storage, computer room cooling, solar systems, heating & cooling loops and radiant heating systems.and boilers.

Common tap water is slightly acid that can eventually corrode metal system components.  In addition, water may contain minerals that may contribute to the build up of lime/scale deposits that can reduce heat transfer and clog pipes.  Because glycols without a corrosion package are more corrosive than water it is strongly recommended to order glycols with the corrosion inhibitor package.  Lastly, never use automobile anti-freeze in a non-automotive application.  Automotive anti-freeze contain inhibitors that tend to react and coat heat exchange surfaces, thereby reducing energy efficiency.  

ComStar's ProFrost is a food quality propylene glycol and is intended to be used in systems that may be used in food and/or pharmaceutical processing.  It is not intended to be used as an additive to food or pharmaceuticals.  The USP Food Grade propylene glycol can be used as an additive to food and pharmaceuticals.  ComStar carries the USP Food Grade propylene glycol.

ProFrost and Frost Free are available in varuoisy solution ratios of 100%, 60%, 50%, 40% and 30%.  They are:  .

  • Non-toxic (Pro Frost) 
  • Non-irritating 
  • Biodegradable

Special orders are also accepted.

ComStar also has additional heat transfer product lines for geothermal, sprinkler, boiler and solar systems.


Product Info

SDS Sheet Frost Free SDS
Stock Number 35-900
UPC 024924359006
Unit Volume 5 Gallon
Units per Carton 1
Weight per Carton (lbs.) 45
Weight per item (lbs.) 45
Type Liquid
Total Shipping Weight 46.0000
Flyers and Charts no_selection


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