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Pure Lye, Bead Drain Opener, 400 Pound / 55 Gallon Drum

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ComStar Pure Lye is an industrial-strength, powerful tool to clear out drains, grease traps, septic systems and roots. This formula is the purest white, bead-size lye (sodium hydroxide) in the world — 99% pure! A natural drain opener, Pure Lye is biodegradable, odorless and non-acid; it is safe on fine fixtures, chrome trim, and metal or plastic pipes. This amazing product clears out clogged and slow-moving drains, grease traps and septic systems, without harming septic tanks or cesspools. Because of the unique bead shape, Comstar Pure Lye will sink to the bottom of standing water and attack the cause of the blockage for a fast break-up. Comstar Pure Lye® does not stink or create fumes and has become a favorite drain-opening product for homes, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, cafeterias and restaurants.

  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe 
  • Dissolves grease, hair and root growth in sewer lines instantly 
  • Can be made to any strength desired 
  • Will actually enhance the growth of active bacteria in grease traps and septic tanks if used regularly 
  • Can be stored indefinitely without danger of escaping odors



Product Info

SDS Sheet Pure Lye SDS
Stock Number 30-502
UPC 024924305027
Hazardous DOT Hazardous
Hazardous Environmental No
Flyers and Charts no_selection
Total Shipping Weight 420.0000
Unit Volume 55 Gallon
Units per Carton 1
Weight per Carton (lbs.) 400
Type Beads


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