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RS-44b Refrigerant, R22 Replacement

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RS-44b (R453a) is the newest R22 drop-in replacement refrigerant in the U.S. market. RS-44b has been sold worldwide for the past 5 years, branded as RS-70 outside the US. It is the closest replacement to R22 that operates with very similar discharge pressure, cooling capacity and flow rate as R22. It requires no oil or system component changes and has the lowest GWP of any HFC R22 replacement in the market at 1664 TAR. RS-44b is a PROVEN R-22 replacement now being manufactured in the United States. RS-44b (R453a) is an improved version of our very successful RS-44 (R424a) and has the following advantages.

    RS-44b Advantages:
  • RS-44b has the same flow rate as R22
  • RS-44b operates at a similar discharge pressure as R22 and lower pressure than R407A & C, R422B & D, R417a and R427A.
  • RS-44b has the benefit of lower energy consumption;
  • RS-44b operates at near cooling capacity of R22 in both A/C and Refrigeration applications down to -20⁰F evap. temp
  • RS-44b is the lowest GWP HFC R22 replacement on the market at 1664 TAR and is Zero Ozone Depleting.
  • If a service technician inadvertantly mixes RS-44b with R22 there will be no harm to the system components or system efficiency.   We know this to be true because in Europe, where there are no regulations against mixing refrigerants, our European sister company has tracked these developments.  In the USA, the EPA does not permit or condone the intentional mixing of refrigerants.
  • RS-44b is good for cap tube and TXV systems. It has been operating in all types of systems with all types of compressors worldwide since 2013.
  • RS-44 is produced in Texas, the UK and Spain.
  • RS-44b requires no oil or system component changes


Type and Description

RS-44b is a non flammable HFC blend. It is compatible with both traditional mineral and synthetic lubricants so that a retrofit to a different refrigerant oil is not required. The small amount of hydrocarbons in RS-44b improve the oil return to the compressor to extend the life of the compressor.
RS-44b is a direct replacement for R22, providing an easy and long term solution. Because there is no need to use expensive and hygroscopic synthetic lubricants (POE), the risk of moisture ingress into a refrigeration system is completely avoided. RS-44b has similar discharge pressures as R22 and lower discharge temperature than R22; which make RS-44b a seamless drop-in replacement.

RS-44b is suitable for use as a replacement for R-22 in existing residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Service Work

Because it is a blend, it is recommended that RS- 44b be charged into systems as a liquid as opposed to the gaseous phase. Since there is no need to change the existing lubricant, RS-44b is straightforward to use, as the published conversion procedure outlines.


RS-44b is compatible with mineral, alkybenzene and polyolester (POE and PAO) lubricants. Therefore, there is no need to change the lubricant although compressor manufacturers' recommendations regarding lubricity should be followed.

Materials Compatibility

RS-44b is compatible with all materials commonly used in refrigeration systems previously charged with R22. In general, materials which are compatible with R22 can be used with RS-44b. lt is recommended to check equipment manufacturer's retrofit literature and obtain recommendations from equipment manufacturers with regard to materials' compatibility.

Environmental Data

None of the components of RS-44b contains chlorine so that it has no ability to deplete the ozone layer.

As with all hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), RS-44b does have a direct global warming potential (GWP), but this is counterbalanced by its lower Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI). Tests have shown that RS-44b has a higher Coefficient of Performance (COP) than R22 in a range of applications including commercial refrigeration systems and heat pumps, both in the heating and cooling mode.

ComStar International Inc., a chemical company with more than 47 years of experience, it is one of only a companies in the world that have "DROP-IN" direct replacement HFC refrigerants for R12, R22, R502 and R404 systems.


Product Info

SDS Sheet RS-44b Refrigerant SDS
Stock Number 80-160
Weight per item (lbs.) 26
Units per Carton 1
Hazardous DOT Hazardous
Unit Volume 25 Pounds
Flyers and Charts /r/s/rs44b.main_1.jpg
Total Shipping Weight 26.0000
Weight per Carton (lbs.) 26


See PDF Data pack at bottom of the RS-44b description page


RS-44b operates at near cooling capacity of R22 in both A/C and Refrigeration applications


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RS-44B (R-453A) PT CHART-Final Pamphlet Version.pdf RS-44B (R-453A) PT CHART-Final Pamphlet Version.pdf
Data Pack, RS-44b.pdf Data Pack, RS-44b.pdf
RS-44b (R-453A) PT COMPARISON CHART-ComStar.pdf RS-44b (R-453A) PT COMPARISON CHART-ComStar.pdf