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Shipping Policy


ComStar Intrnational Inc. ships by land, ocean and air


SHIPPING RATES BY LAND (Independent Truckers)

On Full and Half truckloads: Due to independent carrier rate changes on full and half truckloads of products, we cannot guarantee shipping rates until an order is placed. Kindly contact us for freight rates.

Order Size

$1,800   Region 1 - Free Freight   /   Region 2 - Charge Freight

$2,100   Region 1 - Free Freight   /   Region 2 - 5% Discount

$5,000  Region 1 - Free Freight   /   Region 2 - 8% Discount

$7,500   Region 1 - Free Freight   /   Region 2 - Free Freight

Note: Orders with discounted item prices: Increase above order size by 15% to qualify for free freight.

REGION 1: East of Mississippi River, plus St. Louis and Little Rock, AR. and north of Washington D.C.

REGION 2: West of Region 1 and South of Washington D.C.

NOTE: Alaska and Hawaii - freight allowance applies as far as West Coast. For international orders, please call our office for rates.

Above rates are subject to change without prior notice with the exception of orders placed where ComStar has acknowledged a new free freight policy.


ComStar uses USPS, UPS AND FEDEX (Only USPS for PO Box addresses). USPS, UPS AND FEDEX will be used at the customers request and/or for small packages below 70 weight. 

All product shipments (Hazmat and Non-Hazmat) will include a packing list. If the order comes to us by phone, fax or email then we send the invoice with the shipment or will mail the hard copy invoice the day it is shipped. If the Hazmat order/shipment goes by outside trucker then the Hazardous Good Form needs to be generated and sent with the shipping papers (packing list and SDS).